About Us


Footprints safaris limited is a private Ugandan owned and operated business that offers memorable travel experiences, holidays worldwide. It was established in 2012 with success built on the philosophy of always giving the client the best possible personalised service. This philosophy remains the driving force behind Footprints safaris today. The company has grown to serving abroad base of corporate clients, government institutions and many long-standing leisure clients.

Do you have an African safari on your bucket list? Well you should! Africa has so much to offer, from spectacular scenery, friendly people and cultural treasures to blissful beaches. But above all else, it is the wildlife and safari lifestyle that will draw you back, again and again.

There are so many reasons to choose an African safari. Going on safari is an unforgettable experience, offering a heady mix of adventure, thrilling wildlife sightings, cultural encounters and spectacular scenery. It is a chance to escape the fast pace of the modern world. You’ll retreat to a simpler, more peaceful way of life, reconnecting with the daily rhythms of nature, the wildlife sightings provide the adrenaline that keeps you coming back, time and time again.

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The main focus of the Business has been to offer corporate clients a comprehensive and cost-effective holiday, delivered with excellent service something that is often difficult to come by in this competitive industry. Critical to the company’s success in this area is the commitment to getting to know each client and their particular requirements, to enable the most cost-effective arrangements to be made to be made for each safari event. To be a world-class holiday consultancy that is recognised for quality services and products.

With regards leisure clients, the company prides itself on giving the client the valued added extras to make their experience one of lifetime. This is the sort of advice that can only come from many years of experience in all aspects of the travel process. The company believes in importance of safari experience in order to best assist clients, both corporate and leisure. The clients will normally be able to talk to someone who has actually visited their intended destination. This is another advantage of the wealth experience at Footprints safaris.


Our principal business is the provision of tour and travel services, for the business and/or leisure passenger within Uganda and around the world. We offer a specialised professional services, travel insurance, visa services (restricted)..all services can be handled over the phone email and at your convenience. We deliver services to you!

Footprints safari offers knowledge, competitive and discounted rates for better than average services. A value that translates into increased satisfaction to our customers, We rely on affiliates property destinations and for electronic air tickets with Amadeus a computerised Reservation system (CRS) for all airline travel and hotel bookings all over the world. Its internet based therefore accessible globally. We have plans to extend our operations to cover East Africa and the world in future as the travel and tourism industry grows, integrates and expands. We are excited about this and we will continue to serve you under the guidance of our vision.


Our long-term goal is to establish Footprints safaris as an internationally recognised tour and travel agency, providing top-of –the line services.


To grow our business with focus on a diversity of services, a decision which has shocked us into action. Backed by challenging values of being reliable, cost effective, efficient, secure, trustworthy and dependable providing quality services with timeless edge. In the near future, we want to see our market share grow from 15- 35%, which is approximately USD $ 432,000.00 per month currently we are one of the youngest, most improved Tour and travel agency in

Way Forward

We have confidence in our strategy and we believe that our business is sustainable. We have hope that Footprints safaris will consistently and steadily grow. In three years, we see our operations and future growth and not only in tourism sector. We see the diversity of services we offer acting as a cushion to the business.

Standard of Business conduct

Footprints safaris requires all staff to comply and operate with high standards of business integrity whenever is called upon and to ensure that our standards are never compromised for the sake of good results. We regard corporate conduct and values very important. This has always been achieved with guidance and leadership of MS GLORIA TURYAMUREEBA Managing Director and ISAAC EMMY BYAMIGISHA Director and in-charge operations.