Botswana Safaris


Botswana is one of the most stable and successful countries in Africa. The landscape is dominated by the Kalahari Desert and an area the size of France is dedicated to conserving the wildlife experience is environmentally aware. Botswana’s fortunes have been built on diamonds and has been politically and economically stable for many years. It is one of the safest countries in Africa to visit.

Okavango Delta

The main attraction four tourists is the Okavango Delta, a vast inland wetland oasis in the heart of the desert which is home to an astonishing variety of wildlife and birdlife. Here guests can explore iconic safari areas such as the Moremi and Linyanti which are synonymous with some of the best game viewing in Africa, especially when it comes to photographic safaris.

Here guests can enjoy a different kind of safari, a mix of water and land-based. Using boats or silent hand paddled canoes (makoros) to explore the winding waterways of the delta allow guests to get up close to animals for unparalleled photographic opportunities. Walking safaris on the islands are popular as are horseback safaris. The only way to get to many lodges in the delta is via small charter planes and the views when flying over the delta are spectacular.

Chobe Game Reserve

Many guests will also visit the Chobe National Park along the border with Zambia and Zimbabwe and Namibia. The Chobe River is the only permanent source of water in this arid region and during the dry season, hundreds of thousands of elephants and other wildlife congregate in the area, making for some of the best game viewing in Africa.

Meerkat Central Kalahari Game Reserve

Guests can also head out to explore the vast salt pans of the Makgadikgai region or the Central Kalahari Game Reserve to discover a wide variety of desert-adapted wildlife. Guests can meet with the San people and learn about their culture and survival skills. They have been living sustainably and in harmony with nature in this arid region for millennia.

Due to a low impact ethos of tourism, most lodges in Botswana are small, built to have a low impact on the environment and are run in an environmentally sustainable manner – especially in the Okavango Delta. Footprints Safaris works with lodges where we know that attention to detail is paramount and the level of guiding is exceptional. We work with lodges which have a real impact on local communities and help to conserve the region and its wildlife for future generations.