Aberdare Mountains


Aberdare Mountains

The Aberdare Mountain range links two iconic East African mountains, Mount Kenya, the highest peak in Kenya at 5,199m and Mount Kilimanjaro (5,895m), the highest peak in Africa. The range is covered in high altitude forests broken by moorland studded with bizarre giant forms of heather, lobelia, and groundsel. The landscape has been likened to areas of the Scottish highlands. This mountain range is one of the oldest on Earth and was here during the time of the dinosaurs.

The Aberdares are home to the Big Five but they are not always all easily seen on a single trip. Many guests travel here for the spectacular scenery or as part of a trip to summit Mount Kenya, which is much less visited than Mount Kilimanjaro, which makes it a much more pleasant climb through similar scenery. Both elephant and buffalo occur in the forest.

Famously Queen Elizabeth II found out that she was now Queen while staying at Treetops Hotel in the park. There are now two Tree Hotels which are set in clearings in the forest near salt licks which attract a multitude of wildlife making for fantastic armchair game viewing and photographic opportunities.

Visitors can explore this fabulously scenic region on game drives and by exploring the many hiking trails through the forest to scenic waterfalls such as the famous Thompson’s Falls. The crystal-clear mountain streams are home to abundant trout and fly fishing is also a popular activity.