The coastal town of Inhambane is an important tourist centre along the Mozambique coast for many nearby beach destinations such as Tofo and Barra. This region is also popular with self-drive tourists and fishermen from South Africa. Inhambane has a long history stretching back to the 11th century when it was a Persian trading hub. The town was an important centre for the ivory and slave trade.

It is the main centre for stunning resorts and beaches nearby such as Tofo and Barra. The dry winter months in southern Mozambique, lasting from April to October, are good times to visit when the temperatures are milder.

Nearby Tofo Beach is renowned for its diving and snorkelling and there are several PADI Centres which supply dive gear and offer diving courses. Other popular attractions are manta rays and whale sharks which can be seen between September and February. Fishing in the coastal waters for pelagic fish species is also popular with fishermen. The Barra peninsula has many lovely resorts which are popular with honeymooners and those looking for a romantic weekend away.