Namibia’s capital city is Windhoek which is almost in the centre of the country. The main international airport lies outside the city, so it is the main starting point for many vacations in Namibia. The city has a small-town feel, despite being the capital of the country. It is beautifully laid out with manicured lawns and the historic downtown is filled with interesting architecture such as the Officer’s House and Alte Feste, Equestrian Memorial and the German Lutheran Christuskirche or Christ Church which combines neo-gothic and art nouveau styles.

Tours to Katatura, the main township are popular. The trip provides a study in contrasts of life in Namibia under the former apartheid regime. The township is up and coming, with interesting markets and local shops to visit where guests can learn about Namibian culture. German and English are widely spoken and many of the restaurants in town serve German-inspired food as a nod to the country’s colonial heritage. The local breweries make the best beer in Africa.