Queen Elizabeth National Park


Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park is the most popular national park in Uganda. It has sprawling savannah against the backdrop of the Mountains of the Moon – the Rwenzori Mountains. The landscape is dotted with volcanic crater lakes in-between rolling hills. It is a park of spectacular scenery and abundant wildlife including the famous lions from Ishasha which like to lounge in trees surveying the landscape like spotless leopards, behavior which is seldom seen from lions.

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The park is home to ten species of primates, including Chimpanzees which can be seen at Kyamburu Gorge. A wide range of antelope occur including the Ugandan kob antelope.

Queen Elizabeth

A popular activity is to take an afternoon cruise on the Kazinga Channel. This waterway links Lake Edward and Lake George. It is reputed to be home to Africa’s largest population of hippopotami. The edges of the lakes are home to an impressive variety of waterfowl. Birding enthusiasts will also want to seek out the very rare prehistoric-looking shoebill stork.